The Black Fashion MovementSM was created in February 2020 as a grassroots social media campaign to celebrate, promote, and support Black-owned fashion brands during Black History month. Due to the discovery of many amazing Black-owned brands, the movement continued. Through our daily posts, we have created a community of fashion designers, fashion entrepreneurs, stylists, fashion industry executives, and fashion enthusiast that share the vision of normalizing buying and incorporating Black-owned fashion brands into their everyday wardrobes. We host monthly virtual interviews with fashion industry insiders, including celebrity stylists, designers, and psychologist and authors. 
In 2021, the Movement grew to include live in-person events including the Luxury Shopping Experiences, created to connect independent Black designers and Black-owned fashion  brands with trend-conscious shoppers in a unique retail encounter.


The Black Fashion MovementSM challenges the narrative that Black fashion designers and Black-owned fashion brands are not accessible to consumers through the execution of authentic, creative, and diverse interactive in-person, social, and virtual experiences. Our mission is to normalize fashion collections and businesses designed, developed, and owned by Black people by cultivating meaningful partnerships, developing innovative strategies, and executing high-evel events.


The Black Fashion MovementSM is a platform built to support Black-owned fashion brands and businesses through exposure to consumers and retailers in-person and online.


The Black Fashion MovementSM is the facilitator for retailers to gain awareness and make the connection to the growing Black-owned fashion brands as well as the Black consumer.


The Black Fashion MovementSM is providing opportunities for related brands and corporations to support Black-owned fashion brands and reach the influential Black consumer in impactful ways.

our founder

About | Frenchye Harris | The Black Fashion Movement Founder

Frenchye M. Bush Harris, M.A. is the CEO and Principal Consultant of Harper Street Consulting. She is a 20+ year fashion industry veteran that has always been passionate for creating space for emerging and independent brands. Throughout her career she noticed, the significant absence of "Blackness" in the opportunities for black owned fashion brands being sold in retail spaces, on the runways, in fashion magazines, and at the executive level in fashion organizations. Often the “only”, Frenchye has always been passionate about creating environments that Black creatives and fashion leaders can not only thrive in, but where their presence and contributions are normalized. In February 2020, she founded the social media campaign, The Black Fashion MovementSM, to create a platform to celebrate black fashion while encouraging the fashion community and consumers to do the same. She is intrinsically connected to luxury fashion and luxury consumers and has the unique ability to cultivate mutually beneficial opportunities of engagement for both.

BFM Announcements

View photos from the inaugural Emerge In Color Luxury retail Experience @The BeverlY Center in Los Angeles

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The Black Fashion MovementSM is designed to shift the culture to include Black fashion designers and brands in the fashion conversation and encourage fashion consumers to include Black fashion designers and brands into their wardrobe.