The Black fashion movementSM

The Black Fashion MovementSM challenges the narrative that Black fashion designers and Black-owned fashion brands are not accessible for consumer consumption through the execution of authentic, creative, and diverse interactive in-person, social, and virtual experiences. Our mission is to normalize fashion collections and entities designed, developed, and owned by BIPOC populations by cultivating meaningful partnerships, developing innovative strategies, and executing high-level events.


The Black Fashion Movement SM is a digital resource created to preserve, promote and celebrate the cultural influence of African-Americans in the global fashion industry while providing a platform for emerging top Black fashion designers to showcase their work.

The Black culture is influencing the fashion industry and taking it to the next level. From Black-owned fashion designers to Black fashion influencers. We are dedicated to showcasing and promoting Black-owned fashion brands and designers.

FROM A SOCIAL MEDIA TRIBUTE TO A MOVEMENT: fashion trends started by the black community

The Black Fashion MovementSM was created in February 2020 as a grassroots social media campaign to celebrate, promote, and support Black-owned fashion brands during Black History month. Due to the discovery of many amazing Black-owned brands, the movement continued. Through our daily posts, we have created a community of fashion designers, fashion entrepreneurs, stylists, fashion industry executives, and fashion enthusiast that share the vision of normalizing buying and incorporating Black-owned fashion brands into their everyday wardrobes. We host monthly virtual interviews with fashion industry insiders, including celebrity stylists, designers, psychologists, and authors. Today, the movement has included establishing retail experiences and opportunities for Black-owned brands.

BFM Dallas Experience

The Black Fashion MovementSM is a platform built to support Black-owned fashion brands and businesses through exposure to consumers and retailers in-person and online.

The Black Fashion Movement set Dallas ablaze from June 16 – 20 with its inaugural Luxury Shopping Experience event, held at the Galleria Dallas. The event saw 13 premiere African-American designers from around the country to showcase high-end fashion and accessories for five days in a luxury boutique setting to an audience of highly engaged, enthusiastic shoppers. Designers included: Salon Monet, Kendall Miles Designs, Don Morphy, Sai Sankoh, Dawn Franklin Designs, S. McGee Collection, Model Atelier, Parker Durban, Keva J. Swimwear, Gina Gant Designs, Aisha McShaw Designs, LAMIK Beauty, and Serita Jakes Home.  Celebrity artist, Michael Savoie, displayed his artwork in the store front window and throughout the event to provide cultural context and artistic inspiration.

Thanks to an extensive social media campaign, along with our strategic partners and host committee, the event attracted shoppers not only from the Greater Dallas/Fort Worth area, but from all over the country, including New York, Alabama, Ohio, the Virgin Islands, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Seattle.  Event attendance quickly surpassed the initial projection of 2,000 shoppers, culminating in 5,000 shoppers in five days.
We and our partners were able to uplift Black designers and Black-owned fashion brands as we sought to normalize their contributions to the fashion industry and showcase them as “best in class.” Featured designers exceeded their sales goals and many SOLD OUT!

The event was sponsored by Harper Street Consulting, Brand Speaks, Trademark Property, The Galleria Dallas, and Belvedere Vodka.

BFM Announcements

The Designer Application for the Metro atlanta event is closed.

BFM luxury shopping experience Metro Atlanta Area
North point Mall, Alpharetta, GA
october 21-24

BFM Luxury shopping Experience Designers



Black buying power continues to grow
Rising from $320 billion in 1990 to $1.7 trillion by 2022.

Despite the spending power of black consumers,...

Less than 10%

fashion and accessory brands are Black-owned business.

Less than 1%

Black-owned brands are sold in American retailers.

The availability of Black-owned brands and products is ​ profoundly impacting the African-American path to purchase.